Siesta Group Ltd

Siesta Group is a Finnish manufacturer of quality terrace glazing systems that has carried on the tradition of Siesta glass terraces since the 90s. Our products and services are always made-to-measure and individually customised. We are known for our excellent,wide-ranging service, and also for the superior quality of our products.

The Siesta product family covers all modern aluminium and glass construction needs. We guarantee that customers receive a solution for their requirements, which is in accordance with their own wishes.This means that our professional staff are willing and able to take on and deal with demanding challenges and opportunities.

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Siesta as an employer

Siesta is a pioneer when it come to glass construction. Our aim is always to be able to offer our customers the perfect space through our customised, high-quality products. We want to help people realise their dream. All of us here at Siesta are passionate about our work, and are seeking to move forward in our chosen occupations. We do not shun from challenges – rather we confront them boldy. As Siesta products are genuinely customised, we consider flexibility and gaining full understanding of our customers,their needs and wishes to be essential.

Being able to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction is a matter of honour for us. Our goal is that our customers will remember us also in the future, and that they will not hesitate even for a moment to recommend us. When our customers are satisfied, so too are we. It’s really great when we see that spark of joy come to a person’s eyes as Siesta’s products start to help their dream take shape. Continuous development is important to us, and we firmly believe that each of us can learn something from the other. Siesta is a relaxed and nice place to work where it’s easy to feel at home and to thrive.

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Our cooperation partners

Siesta glass terraces are always made from the best materials. Below are our cooperation partners who help us guarantee that our customers receive that perfect space. Click on the logo to go to the respective company web site