Terrace forms a functional continuation of the living room

Irma and Pekka Latva live in a detached house,built 2009, in the Ikuri area of Tampere.They got to know about Siesta and its glass terraces at an exhibition, and were really taken by the quality of the products and well-designed locking methods. Now their home boasts a handsome glassed terrace which the family can enjoy – including the dog! Read more

Glazing the terrace means that you can make versatile use of it all year-round

During the winter of 2016 Siesta glazed the back terrace of the Kalilainen family’s detached house in Lahti, Finland. Glassed-in walls and roof mean that they can now enjoy their terrace all year- round, whatever the weather.The glazing was carried out according to the keys-in-hand service, so that the only thing the family had to do was to submit the foundation plan drawings to Siesta.Read more



"The whole thing went very well even though the location of the terrace which we wanted to be glassed was a bit awkward – so well done planners! The guys who did the installation also knew what they were doing!"

- Susan Hakala, Akaa, Finland

A glassed-in terrace can be put to use for many purposes

Tomi Salomaa, who works as a nurse, lives in the Karisto district of Lahti with his wife. In the spring of 2016 he decided that the terrace which he himself had built, was in need of some renovation. That’s when Siesta stepped into the picture to take care of the renovations and glass-in the terrace. Now the 40m2 terrace has been put to good use – as a place for a grandchild’s birthday get-together, for barbeques, and as a spot where the guys can watch sport – and there’s no need to worry about the weather. 
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Terraces on two levels

The Romppanen family from Tuusula, Finland have gained a whole new dimension to their already impressive home with the addition of Siesta glass terraces at two different levels. Now the two additional ’rooms’ are in constant use,come rain or shine.Read more

Protection from wind and rain in the archipelago

Two cottages, located in the Pellinki archipelago, now have weatherproof glass terraces. The project began with the children’s play-cottage. Here rotten terrace boards needed to be replaced. The main open terrace was very windy and the owners wanted to get some protection, thereby extending the time that they could comfortably use the area. The newly-glazed terrace added another room to the cottage. High windows ensured that nature was still very close.On a calm and warm day a draught blows through the terrace door and the small side-windows. There’s no need to suffer because of the heat.
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More customer feedback on Siesta:

"The residents of the housing company really appreciate the quality and the overall appearance. A lot of positive feedback about how stylish it looks – just right for this yard/apartment building!! "

  - Saara Kollberg, Kirkkonummi, Finland

"Just great glazing, I’m really happy with the products and the service!"

- Linda Vaurio, Klaukkala, Finland


"Because of very good design we’ve now got an extension to our living room – a ’new’ room . We’ve enjoyed it so much -come rain, shine,or wind!"

  - Irma Latva, Tampere, Finland


"Thank you for the glass, I am very satisfied. Design and delivery were fantastic, with my own wishes being respected (as the salesperson said, the glass will find the customer). The panes were even delivered one month ahead of schedule. Thanks too for the painstaking installation work. If only I had done this earlier !! Now the terrace is tidy and it’s nice to pop down to. Our summer terrace has been a lot more fun because we can use it now already in early spring and up to late fall. We also bought a heater. We are very pleased. "


- Marja Kivilahti-Wicht, Espoo, Finland