Terrace forms a functional continuation of the living room

Irma and Pekka Latva live in a detached house,built 2009, in the Ikuri area of Tampere.They got to know about Siesta and its glass terraces at an exhibition, and were really taken by the quality of the products and well-designed locking methods. Now their home boasts a handsome glassed terrace which the family can enjoy – including the dog!

Earlier the Latva family’s two-storey detached house had an ordinary wooden terrace. The Latvas were visiting the Asta Rakentaja Trade Exhibition when Siesta first came to their attention. "At the exhibition we compared terrace glazing, and took a look at products from several suppliers. We were really taken with Siesta's workmanship and the well-designed glass locking method. When we saw their products, we knew what we wanted. We did not even contact other suppliers, " Irma recalls.

The Latvas filled in the Siesta contact form at the exhibition. Quite soon the salesperson contacted them by telephone and arranged an appointment . – "Both the salesperson and sales manager came to visit us. Together we thought through things and planned a new terrace. They really were professionals and straight away came up with a solution for our terrace, which is accessible from the living room. Previously there had been a small step, but the new terrace was raised to the same level as the living room floor. Now the whole thing is really good,"says Irma.

Work done smoothly and in a professional manner

According to the Latvas, the terrace design was carefully carried out. The work itself took place at the end of May, and was completed within a few days. The new terrace was somewhat larger than the old one.

- "Siesta took care of applying for the necessary construction permit for us. A part of the old wooden terrace remained. Siesta made a new wooden base, roof and glazing for the new terrace. The terrace acts as an extension of our living room," Irma explains.

-Pekka sums it up in this way - "I am satisfied with Siesta and recommend them to others. Both the workmen and the salespersons are professionals. Also during the renovation work everything went well – good cooperation... "

- "It really was hassle-free! They took all the stuff away when they left. We were left with a lovely clean terrace to admire," remembers Irma with a smile.

Terrace adds another room to the home

The Latvas have made a lot of use of their new terrace and it fits in nicely with the colour scheme elsewhere in their home. -" In the summer we have the living room door open all the time. The terrace has the same colours as in the living room, and it’s just like having another room." Irma is delighted with the terrace -"It's awesome, whether it rains, or if it’s baking hot or very windy. "

- Pekka remarks that the terrace is bright and looks just great. "We have our coffee on the terrace in the summer, and our puppy dog ​​chases around after flies there. It’s a pleasant place for a pet to be and in summer it is nice and warm. I recommend Siesta to everyone," he says.

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