Designed for you

Planning for customised Siesta glazing is always carried out on an individual basis, so that the product will be a perfect fit for surroundings and location. Planning always begins from the point of view of the customer’s wishes and needs. It all gets going with a planning visit when different alternatives are examined and above all, by considering together what kind of solution you would like to have.

And what’s more –when you deal with Siesta, planning services are always free of charge. 

Our free planning includes:
  • Getting familiar with our products/solutions 
  • Getting familiar with materials,the work process stages and schedule
  • 3D solution imagery
  • Exact costs calculation

Siesta Plan™

Siesta Plan™ is our company’s own in-house 3D design programme for glass terrace planning. Through this programme we can provide our customers with accurate 3D conceptual images right away during the first visit. Siesta Plan™ guides the planner to work accurately and systematically. Additionally, Siesta Plan™ produces an exact offer calculation for our planner.

Keys-in hand service