Increase the enjoyment of your terrace by adding Gardin terrace curtains and Solamagic heaters.

Terrace curtains

PVC-free materials are used in the production of Gardin terrace curtains which have been fireproofed at fibre level. The materials are able to stand up to changes in humidity on balconies and terraces.Products come with a five-year guarantee.

Roller blinds /
Spiral curtain panel

Roller blinds, together with spiral panels which have been fitted onto rails, are a very efficient way to reduce the heat of the sun and glare on balconies, as well as inside.The warmth of the sun and light energy are reflected back from the glass as shortwaves, meaning that the material does not only act as a shield.

Panel curtains

The width of the panels are 59cm and 79 cm.Our 4 grooved aluminium track system comes either in white or grey.In the panels we use very high quality theatre-sliders which are utilised in heavy-duty theatre curtains.

Clips Screen roof shades

At the sides of the material there is a 20mm aluminium profile into which the material will be fitted. The material is easy to detach, for example when washing windows or during winter, when you would like to make the most of the sunlight and warmth. This means the whole terrace, along with its glass roof, can be covered by the same material.

Terrace heaters

The use of Solamagic infared heaters is 80% cheaper than gas heaters. They are also up to 42% more effective than other manufacturers’ normal electric heaters. Electricity consumption is a mere 0.27€ per hour. Colours: titanium, white and anthracite.

Solamagic 1400 ECO+ PRO with switch

This popular and energy-efficient radiant heater can be attached to the wall, the roof or to a stand. It’s a heater that combines efficiency and versatility. Due to its tilt function, heat can be directed to wherever it’s needed.

Solamagic 2000 ECO+ PRO

An efficient high-performance infrared heater which gives out considerable heat effect. Even an area of 17m2 can be comfortably warmed. Additional information.

Solamagic 2000 ECO+ PRO ARC with power control

State-of-the art SOLAMAGIC ECO+PRO is a solution which is easily operable by means of a smart remote-control. This model also allows for adjustment of heat effect. Additional information