The terrace base


In addition to installing terrace glazing, Siesta also takes care of the foundations/bases upon which a terrace framework is constructed. This work might include for example taking advantage of pre-existing structures or creating a completely new base for a Siesta glass terrace.

Täydellinen olotila alkaen

50 € /kk

A solid base is a good place to start from

Approximately half of the terraces we sell are constructed upon existing foundations, while the rest are either completely new, or built on existing foundations which have to be strengthened. It’s easy to make good-looking and durable board work on top of a steel-reinforced wooden frame.


  • Land foundations depending whether shaped lightweight clay bricks(pilariharkko)- or screwpile method
  • Wooden terrace base is supported by galvanised steel beams
  • Pressure-treated terrace boarding or composite boarding
  • Boarding Options:
  • Pressure-treated 28x120mm, smooth
  • Pressure-treated 28x120mm, grooved
  • Heat-treated 26x140mm, smooth
  • Heat-treated 26x170mm, grooved
  • Composite 26x140mm, brushed, silver gray
  • Composite 26x140mm, brushed, graphite grey
  • Composite 26x140mm, brushed, brown